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Terms & Conditions

Overhead & Underground Electrical Service Connections (OHUGESC)
Ph. 4257 3363 Mob. 0412 029 362 Web.
ABN No: 65 071 092 558
OHUGESC ABN No: 13 198 598 600
Terms and Conditions of Sale/Hire of Labour and or Materials

1. Cope Electrical Pty. Ltd./Overhead & Underground Electrical Service Connections (herein after called the Companies) agrees to perform works either by quotation at a supplied cost or works as required by the requestor (herein after called the Client) upon request at our current hourly charges plus travelling and materials charges as invoiced to the Client.
2. The Client accepting these terms from the Companies must have the authority either expressed or implied to authorise the Companies to carry out the works at the requested address.
3. The Client agrees to pay for the works as carried out within fourteen (14) days of the Companies invoice date in Australian currency by cheque, credit card, telephone payment, Eftpos or cash as indicated on the invoice.
4. The Companies can supply and fit various materials at the Clients request, these items must be paid for as above on the invoiced amount by the above term request.
5. Material items supplied and fitted by the Companies are warranted by the Manufacturer of the item, not the Companies. Any request for rectification by the Companies will incur charges by the Companies for labour at current hourly rates including travel times.
6. Delivery and completion dates of works are subject to unforeseen circumstances beyond the Companies control subject to workload, material hold up and discretion of the Companies. Cause of incompletion cannot be termed as a Companies breach of these terms and conditions.
7. Legal and equitable property of supplied materials shall not pass to the Client until the Companies has received FULL payment.
8. The Companies guarantees workmanship of the electrical wiring works to the standard of AS/NZS 3000/(Current Edition) Wiring Rules and The Service and Installation Rules of N.S.W.
9. Removal of rubbish is either by Client or as agreed by quotation only with the Companies.
10. The Client accepts these terms and conditions and recognises their existence.
11. These conditions do not negate any conditions expressed or implied by the Trade Practices Act.
12. The Companies in their ordinary duty may seek consumer credit information or exchange information with other credit providers of the Client for the purpose of assessing a fourteen (14) day credit account.
13. Current Occupational Health & Safety regulations require Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms to be written out to minimise risk and injury. The client recognises this requirement and agrees to the conduction of the inspection prior to works being commenced.
14. The conduction of the SWMS & JSA inspection and report should take no longer than ten (10) minutes at the clients cost. Although this is dependent on The Clients required protocols and inductions. Other arrangement may have been made with the Companies regarding these items within a quoted cost forwarded to the Client by the Companies.
15. The Client may request a copy of these reports being forwarded with their invoice.
16. The required inspection paperwork is beneficial to both the Client and the Companies should dispute arise or an injury occur.
17. Late payment charges over our Fourteen (14) Day account invoice date will attract a late payment fee per week at current interest rates plus G.S.T.
18. A copy of these Terms and Conditions are available on our website on the main menu of each page.
19. Site induction costs will be charged to the Client at our normal hourly rates, either normal or overtime rates as are provided.
20. The Companies will actively chase outstanding Debts which may be detrimental to the client as realised costs will be added to Client accounts.