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Electricity Metering

Power of Choice Electricity Metering was introduced by The Government in December 2017.
All new homes are now being Metered by your Electrical Retailers chosen Meter Service Provider (MSP).
This means all new homes will be serviced by a “Smart Meter” which contains a Modem in the Meter and an Antenna on the side of the Meter Box or Main Switchboard.
This eliminates the need for Meter Readers and will hopefully rid all of us of estimated readings. Estimated Readings could be due to, no access, Dogs, locked gates, overgrowth of plant matter and/or locked Switchboards plus unknown issues.
Electricity Retailers are supposedly offering the installation of Smart Meters “free of charge” by their MSP’s.
It is however a long drawn out process.
We can offer at cost help with sorting your metering, ordering your meters and installing your meters, yes, we do not apologise there is a cost.
However we hope to streamline this process, take care of the paperwork and stress involved with the offshore call centres you have to contact, in all at a cost, we do try to do all faster.
We are accredited with the Electricity Retailers that you see on the bottom of our pages under Company Info.