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About Us

Cope Electrical was incorporated in 1995 by Ian and Kim Cope. Today it is still a family run business.

We carry out all types of works from heavy industrial sites to the family home. Our staff have varied experience to suit all needs.

We specialise as Level 2 Service Providers servicing a wide range of clients from Electrical Contractors, Factories, Business, Householders, Major Companies and Government Departments.

We are also experienced in faultfinding for domestic, commercial and industrial works either Level 2 or standard electrical works.

We can also carry out General Electrical works when time permits. When you call, we can let you know our schedule.

Overhead and Underground Electrical Service Connections was founded as a partnership in 2002. OHUG carries out all Level 2 Service works for many customers whether they be electrical contractors or private individuals who are building, need repairs or upgrades etc.

Call us for all your Level 2 Service Provider requirements.